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Over the past several months, many people have asked how safe is it to travel during COVID times. Interestingly enough, my experiences travelling during COVID has been stellar. Read on to see why!

Flying the Friendly Skies!


The Pros of Travelling During COVID

Middle Seat Empty

You know all of the times when you are on the plane and you try not to make eye contact with the boarding passengers so they won’t sit next to you? Are you like me and have googled “strategies to keep someone from crowding my space on plane”? I know I have! Those days are over for the moment. (for certain airlines anyway!) JetBlue, American and United are all keeping the middle seat open for social distancing purposes until at least the middle of October. Southwest just committed to it until the end of November (Yes, I love Southwest!) and Delta just announced today that they are extending to January 3, 2021! (Way to be a leader, Delta!)


Less Crowds

The airports are much less crowded which makes everything more pleasant. From getting dropped off at the airport to picking up up your bags at baggage claim, all things are smooth sailing! As you can see from the pics, even the plane is sparse. And then even when you arrive at your destination, there’s not that many people around in general. And that, to me, makes this the perfect time to travel. I could definitely get used to it!


Cheaper Fares

Whether you have miles to burn or you are paying cold hard cash, the airfares are tremendous right now. In my research, they have actually started to rise in the past week. So if you’re thinking of travelling somewhere in the next few months, my recommendation is to go ahead and book now!

More Flexible Cancellation Policy

To my point above, you really have nothing to lose by going ahead and booking your flights due to increased flexibility and minimal to no change fees during this time. (policies vary by airline so be sure to check before you book!) If you fly on Southwest, this awesome flexibility is a normal thing in all times. Most other airlines have charged outrageous fees for any changes made (unless you paid full refundable fare, of course!) in the past so it is much more convenient to travel with them now.

Less Germs

Do you suffer from germophobia like me? If so, travelling during COVID is awesome! Every surface you come into contact with has been sanitized and wiped down in preparation for your trip! The airlines have committed to spraying, sanitizing and wiping down all surfaces after every flight. Less germs=happy travelling! On top of the that, many of the airlines have invested in increasing their air quality during flight time. Southwest boasts that their cabin air is filtered every 3 seconds exchanging cabin air with fresh air from outside. Regardless, isn’t it nice to think that you are breathing cleaner air?!

The Cons of Travelling During COVID

Wearing a mask

A mask is pretty much required at all times when you are inside the airport, on public transportation or even in the bus taking you to the rental lot. If you have an aversion to wearing a mask, you may want to hold off on travel until some of the rules become less strict. 

Getting a COVID Test

Depending on your destination, you may have to take a COVID test within a certain number of days of travel. Since the U.S. is still considered a high risk country to travel from at the moment, most international destinations require a negative COVID test.  If they require this, then you will also have to apply for a travel authorization for each passenger. It can be a bit of a hassle but if you use a travel agent (like me!) they will help you through any necessary processes. That way, you can sit back, relax and just look forward to your next trip!


To Sum it Up…

In summary, it’s a pretty fantastic time to travel right now! The pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. Great airfare and lots of amazing deals on premium all inclusive resorts like the one we are about to visit at Sandals Montego Bay. I can’t wait to share my pics and experiences on that resort with you!  Until then,

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