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Brunch at The Southern is one of our favorite Nashville Brunch Spots.


Hot Tip: Be sure to make your reservation on OpenTable.

Wait times for brunch can be upwards of an hour or longer if you don’t have a reservation!

One of the many reasons I love to visit the Southern for brunch is their live music.  This band is so talented and plays such mellow and relaxing music, they are truly a pleasure to listen to!


Not to be missed Brunch band!



Cool Open Window where you can see all of the food come up!

They have a large variety of brunch choices.  Every dish I’ve ever had here has been delicious so you really can’t go wrong!

Their Yummy Brunch Menu!

Next Hot Tip: Even if you don’t like Blue Cheese (like me!) get the Steak & Biscuit Benedict…it’s out of this world good!

Seriously, whatever you get here will be primo!  This time, we chose the shrimp and grits and the crabcakes.  The shrimp and grits is a timeless favorite here at The Southern.  Juicy, flavorful shrimp on a bed of creamy grits and yummy sauce.  It is definitely a comfort food dish!




When I see crab cakes on restaurant menus, I usually get a sinking feeling.  I mean, I want to order them. They always sound so good…but then most of the time when you get them they barely have any crab meat in them.  They’re pretty much just filler.  Isn’t it disappointing when that happens?

Well, that’s definitely not a problem at the Southern!  There was just enough breading to keep the crab cake from falling apart.  They were full of fresh crab meat and fantastic flavor!  The hash they sat on was excellent and complimented the crab cakes perfectly!


Tasty Crab Cakes!


A Touch of Southern Charm

Last Hot Tip: The Southern has Free Valet Parking with a paid check of $30 or more.

We usually eat and then leave to explore Downtown Nashville for an hour or two.  I always check with the valet to check to see when they leave so that you aren’t left without a car. (This may or may not have happened to me before!)

Enjoy the Southern y’all!


Cheers to Brunch!

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Comment below and tell us what your favorite thing on the menu at the Southern was!

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