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Do you have Caesars Diamond Status and haven’t ever really explored the full benefits of having that status? This post is to highlight why having Caesars Diamond Status is the bomb!

I just returned from a whirlwind trip where the last stop was Las Vegas and this was my first experience having Caesars Diamond Status.  I’m generally an MGM kind of girl (more on that in a different post) but this experiment was way too good of one to pass up!

As y’all know, I’m always up for a new adventure and this one was full of fantastic surprises!

what are Caesars Diamond Status Benefits?

Caesars Entertainment’s Rewards Program is called Total Rewards and is good for any Caesars properties.  There are several tiers to this program. This post is about one of their top tiers: Diamond Status.

So let’s get to answering the question.

The short answer is, the benefits of Caesars Diamond Status is a long list!  Many of them can be hidden in plain sight but I wanted to give you the low down on the ones we we took advantage of this past weekend!

We chose to stay at Bally’s this visit. It’s a great location on the Strip and we had never stayed there.  The rooms in the Resort Tower are newly renovated and Bally’s is incredibly convenient: access to the monorail, an indoor walkway to Paris Las Vegas and a short walk right out to the Las Vegas Strip.

Bally’s Main Entrance

Hotel Rooms & Check In Advantages

When we arrived at about 12pm, the check in line was already pretty crowded.

Drumroll…Let the perks begin!  To the left of check in were double glass doors labeled “Diamond Check In.”

We walked through those doors and were greeted warmly.  There was no line, we received early check in AND an upgrade to a junior suite for our anniversary. Nice!

On a sidenote, they also have complimentary coffee in the Diamond Check In Area in the mornings.

Tip: If you are ever celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, be sure to let them know when you arrive.  If there is availability, they will normally upgrade your room!

Bally’s Renovated Junior Suite – King Bed


After checking in, I visited the Rewards Desk to retrieve my Diamond Players Card.  I told the lady I was a new Caesar’s Diamond member and asked her to share what the benefits were.  She pulled out a sheet and began showing me a whole list of shows that we could go to complimentary of Diamond Status.

And they aren’t just shows you’ve never heard of.  Among others, the Mat Franco show and Penn & Teller were on the list for September.  The tickets are on a first come, first serve basis and the shows are modified monthly.

Unfortunately, our schedule this time wasn’t very flexible so we couldn’t get into either of those shows for Saturday night. And Friday was out because I already had tickets to my Bucket List Concert (the Eagles~yay me!)

So we opted to go to the “Miss Behave Gameshow” at Bally’s (how convenient!)

Our October Show Freebie: the Miss Behave Gameshow at Bally’s

But that’s not all.  She went on to tell me you actually get 2 tickets for a show each month you are Diamond Status!

The sparkling Miss Behave herself!

Celebration Dinner Credit

Back at the Rewards counter, the lady also told me about something awesome called the “Celebration Dinner” benefit.  It’s a $100 credit that can be used at approximately 30 Caesar’s restaurants around Las Vegas.  It is only issued once per year and has to be used in one sitting. WOW! Cool, huh?

They used to use vouchers for this so apparently it could be kind of a pain to redeem.  You would have to take the voucher to the hotel where the restaurant was located, blah, blah, blah.

What your Caesars Diamond Status Card will look like…

But, as of last week, I’m happy to report that they now simply load it onto your Caesar’s Diamond Players Card to use.  Well done, Caesars!  I always love it when a company makes it easier for the consumer!

We chose to visit the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace for Sunday Brunch for our “Celebration Dinner.”  We have visited there before but this time was a little different.  Again, no line to stand in…because you enter through a separate line for diamond members only:)

And you want to know the best part?  Since we had the $100 Celebration Dinner loaded on my Diamond Players card, our bill for the Sunday Buffet for my husband and myself came to a whopping $10.81!! Pretty sweet, huh?

Buffet at Caesar’s Palace

Extra Perks

I was tempted to add the bottomless mimosas for $15 per person but decided against it at the last minute.  Mainly because there is so much great food!  While I was eating, I decided I really wanted a glass to enjoy.  I asked our server if I could just add a glass of champagne to my ticket.  He asked me how many I wanted (a friend joined us for brunch so we had a party of 3)  and then he proceeded with, “a glass of champagne per person is complimentary because you are Diamond Status.”

I LOVE being Diamond!!

A Glass of Champagne courtesy of Diamond Status!

By the way, in case you are wondering, the champagne was pretty tasty and went down nice & smooth!

Priority Seating

And the Bacchanal isn’t the only buffet who has exclusive entry/benefits for Diamond Members.  Here is the private entrance for the Buffet at Paris Las Vegas and the other Caesar owned hotel buffets have separate lines, as well. Restaurants in Caesar’s properties also offer exclusive benefits for Diamond Members.

Separate Diamond Status Entrance to Paris Buffet

I’ve been wanting to try Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood for the past few visits to Vegas.  Even though I was confident it was yummy food- well, because it’s Gordon Ramsay- every time we went by there, it was always packed. Um, no waiting in long lines for this girl.  I just don’t do it.

I’m a foodie at heart but no food is worth me spending very much of my time in line. I’m just not a very good line waiter (especially for a burger place!) So all that to say, I hadn’t been there yet!

There is a constant line at Gordon Ramsay Burger:/

So because I was a Diamond member, I didn’t have to wait in that line.  I was able to bypass that entire line and went straight to the hostess stand.  Yah baby!  That’s my kind of perk!

Reserved Tables for Caesars Diamond Status Members

There are several tables automatically reserved at Gordon Ramsay Burger for Caesars Diamond members.  So we got seated immediately! Yay!

Our seat was really cool because we sat at the entertaining (well we think so anyway) counter where all of the food action happens. Seeing all of the food come up in the window was cool!  When we would see something that looked amazing, we just asked the food prepper or our server what it was. They were happy to share and it definitely gave us insight on what to order!

Entertaining Counter Seats at Gordon Ramsay Burger-it’s a show in itself!

Of course, almost everything here was really yummy.  My full review of Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas is here so be sure to check back soon so you can know what you should eat when you go there!

A Few Other special perks

Additional benefits include:

  • Free valet parking at any of the Caesar’s properties in Las Vegas and guess what else?!
  • Resort Fees completely waived at all Caesar’s properties!! What?! I know!
  • Fiji Water and Top Shelf Drinks while playing
  • Diamond Lounges with Complimentary Food & Drinks (they do charge a small amount of reward credits to enter FYI)  Each lounge is different so you’ll just have to check them out to see which one is your fave!

The Diamond Lounge at Planet Hollywood has table service and a gorgeous environment

Complimentary Valet Parking at any Caesar’s property in Las Vegas

Note: Caesars Diamond Status Benefits expire every January 31 so you will have to requalify every year.

But for now…Enjoy!

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Comment Below if you have used any of these Diamond Status benefits, know of ones I haven’t mentioned or have questions about the ones in this post!


  • Sebastian Sangeun Shin

    December 22, 2023

    Hey. I just became diamond recently and I noticed that there is no more show tickets. 🙁


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