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Does a location get much more perfect when amazing food, people watching and seeing the Bellagio fountains are combined?  Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas delivers all of that and more.  Here’s my Review.

I usually stay clear of “chain restaurants” because I like food to be thoughtful and original.  But Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas is definitely one to be visited.

Where’s it at?

Location, location, location is what everyone talks about.  Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas is located smack dab in the middle of the Strip. It has glitz and pizazz but that’s not all.  It is located in the Caesar Owned Hotel, Paris Las Vegas directly across the street from the Bellagio Fountain Show. So while some people choose to stand waiting around to watch a 3 minute show every 15 minutes, there is a much better way where you can get the best of both worlds.

It combines people watching, fountain show watching and some absolutely amazing food! Oh la la!

Let me show you:

What a View: People watching, Car watching & The Bellagio Fountain Shows!


They don’t take reservations for the outdoor patio area here.  Oh no, what to do?!  If you’ve ever read any of my previous reviews on restaurants, you know I don’t wait to eat at restaurants. So here’s the scoop on how to get the best seats in the house at Mon Ami Gabi.

Make an Open Table reservation for about 30 minutes earlier than you want to go (or you can get there a little earlier than your reservation.) It clearly says your reservation is for inside and that there are NO Reservations for outside seating.  That’s ok.  Don’t freak out!

When you get there to check in, there is a hanging sign that says “patio seating” with a hostess stand below it.  Go there. Make sure you tell them you have an Open Table reservation and request seating on the rail.


Now I know I’ve told you time after time that I don’t wait at restaurants.  But this is a little different because this is literally dinner AND a show!  It’s worth a short wait, I promise!

They will give you a buzzer and tell you how far you can go into the casino (which isn’t very far) for it to still work.  I have never waited more than 15 minutes to be seated outside on the rail using this system. #worththewait

When should I go?

Anytime is a great time but my decision always hinges on what time of year and how hot it is.

My absolute favorite time to go is right before dusk.  The sun is still shining and disappears behind the Bellagio about the time we are seated.  So you get to take in several Bellagio Fountain Shows in the daytime/dusk and then the rest of them with all of the night lights.  It’s a maximized experience this way!

What Should I eat?

The Service here has always been spot on excellent.  They are attentive but not too attentive.  Drink refills are abundant and they check on you for every course within a few minutes of it being served.

I’ve been here to eat many times and must say I have been pretty adventurous with the menu.  I have narrowed it down to these several items below.  It is the perfect portion for two.  Pair it with a few drinks and you will have a perfectly wonderful evening!

Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with a Hot French Baguette

The Best Ever French Onion Soup! (and I don’t even eat onions!)

Steak Au Poivre with Pomme Frites

Somehow I failed to get a photo of our creme brulee (I was too excited to eat it!)  If you are a creme brulee fan, be sure to save room for it here because it is all kinds of YUM!  The inside was perfectly creamy and smooth and the top was brilliantly crunchy!

So to sum it up: The Food. The View. The Experience. The Service. All A+ in my book!! And I will be going back for more very soon!

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Have you eaten at Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas? Tell me your favorite thing about it in the comments below!

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