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How does Double Cash Back from Ebates sound?

Do you love getting cash back on your purchases? Well, I have great news! Ebates is offering double cash back at specified stores for the next few days!

If you aren’t familiar with this program, let me fill you in.

  • Ebates is a shopping portal that gives you cash back on purchases that you make.
  • I’ve used it for years and received thousands of $$ back just for taking 1 extra step that only takes a few seconds!


Just a Few of the Featured Ebates Stores

To me, it’s a no brainer and they make it super simple for you to start saving money immediately!

You simply create an account with them and click on the store you want to shop at. They open a “shopping trip” number for you and you go directly to the store site. The credit is normally in your account the very next day!

This shows you what happens when you open a “shopping trip”

If you don’t already have an account with them, you can sign up here and automatically get $10 back on your first $25 purchase! Yippee!!

Note: if booking for travel, you will receive your cash back once your travel has been completed.

For example, I booked an absolutely out of this world flight deal with Orbitz through the Ebates site for July 2019 (see below.) I will receive my cash back once that travel is completed in August. They say it can take up to 90 days to receive on something like this but I have never had it take more than a few weeks to post to my account.

$8.70 cash back for a $29.00 purchase through Ebates!

You can also see that I ordered flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day (another great deal!) and received my cash back the very next day for that purchase. As you would expect, taxes and delivery fees are not included in the cash back.

Their payback is again simple. You can link your Paypal account and it will automatically deposit your cash back once per quarter to the account you specify.


Comment below if you have used Ebates before or if you plan to use it for future purchases. As always, we love hearing about your saving successes so be sure to share that as well!

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